About Chas

Chasity Dawn – Nashville Recording Artist Weaves Music, Marketing And Real Estate


When they asked the children in her primary school classroom what they wanted to be when they grew up, Chas must have been the smart aleck who said, “I only get to choose one?”

Singer, songwriter, producer, graphic designer, marketer, and… Realtor?


Well, you can’t get much more real than this.


It’s always been obvious to Chas that she isn’t ready to settle for just one career – and it’s always been obvious what two of those careers would be. At age 12, Chas became interested in housing when her parents decided to build a house. She began sketching floor plans, attending show homes and taking notes about features that she thought should be included in the new house. Her parents then bought her a computer program called “Home Architect” to be able to further her passion for designing floor plans and beautiful homes. Not many preteens are so focused and determined. But Chas didn’t limit her interest to one subject – that same year, she began taking voice lessons, entering competitions, and preparing for a career in music.


By the time she became an adult Chas had added yet another art to her repertoire, beginning a diploma in graphic design. Meanwhile, she kept going strong in the school of life experience, simultaneously (as always!) working on her music career, while juggling a part-time position in administration and marketing. Then Chas started her real estate career with Saskatoon’s Century 21 and On Par Home Builders, By the time she finished her graphic design diploma, Chas had become licensed as a real estate agent in Alberta, immersing herself in the Calgary market.

Chas’ burgeoning business career, though, has not slowed down her success in the music industry. At 16 Chas began steadily playing highly acclaimed shows such as PBR Rodeo Cabarets, The Briar, The Vanier Cup, The Big Valley Jamboree and received a spot showcasing at the Canadian Country Music Awards weekend, just to name a few. She has had multiple nominations for Female Vocalist of the Year at the Saskatchewan Country Music Association Awards and has co-produced and recorded her own album in Nashville along with obtaining management. All this while finishing studies in high school and teaching voice lessons to local aspiring singers to pay for her flights to Nashville.


How can she do so much? “I love to work, I love being busy and most importantly I love people!…and not to forget to mention, a very high metabolism with an abundance of energy!” Chas says. “I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie!”


Not only does Chas not shy away from a challenge, but she gravitated towards two professions that both involve a tremendous amount of rejection: the performing arts, and selling real estate. Though Chas says she’s developed a “thick skin,” that skin isn’t her strategy for dealing with difficult situations – being easy-going and understanding is.


“I was taught at a very young age to treat others as you would want to be treated,” comments Chas, “and I truly believe this is one of my strongest traits as a strong independent leader and business woman.” Moreover, Chas notes, when this “Stubborn Ukrainian” believes in something, “I’ll fight and argue tooth and nail to get my point across!”


When it comes to real estate, Chas must be doing something right – 90 percent of her customers are repeat and referred clients who love her work. That’s probably because she goes the extra mile, designing her own print and web advertisements for her listings, using social media to the fullest, and perhaps most importantly, making a point of really getting to know each one of her client’s wants and needs. Chas prides herself on always keeping business, business — having quite the knack of forming a friendship with each person that is separate from the business relationship in real estate.


Chas has learnt at a very young age the importance of engaging with people, just being real, and the importance of making the right decisions at the right times.


In February of 2014 Chas & her husband brought their first born boy Daxon into their exciting lives. "It doesnt get much better than this!"